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glass process


Glass is a paradox. Scientifically it is a liquid. It is in constant motion, delicate and fragile, strong and dangerous. It is made from sand but, once it has been transformed, it can never go back.


Glass is complex and contains multiple layers of meaning. It is like light in fixed form. It is all around us, we look with and through it but most of the time we don't really see it. 

I work with old window glass, melting it down and recasting it. It's a dirty mix. It carries its own stories and can't be completely controlled. I like its rebellious nature, its integrity and unpredictability. The unevenness and inconsistencies in these samples of recast window glass can give a glimpse of the fragments of life that are in there from before.

I work with wax models that I then make moulds from and then I cast. The expressions are varied depending on the glass I find. 

Window glass project

window project.jpg
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