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journey to the inbetween



Three screen video installation
The idea of a journey and questions about what is perceived and what is not are at the heart of this film installation where the viewer stands amid a triangle of screens.

A suited man runs through different kinds of setting – urban and rural, rocks and forest. Who is the man? We may imagine him as lost, or at least facing dilemmas he has finally decided to do something about it. He is on a search for a way through. His direction is hard to discern.

When we see his distress, is he looking for something or being chased? When he encounters the rocket, is it a destination or the means of continuing the journey?
The glass rocket appears and disappears throughout the film, sometimes put there by the character and sometimes sudden and seemingly autonomous. It is never there for very long and it always has a strange feeling of carrying something powerful and special within.

Journey to the Inbetween is an unresolved film, currently existing in several versions, that explores the themes of uncertainty, location and the journey.

The full version of the film is 20-25 minutes. The physical organisation of the installation means the viewer will not ever see all of it at once. With uncertainty at its core, the film both invites the viewer to complete it and offers a reflection about the hierarchy of perception – what we see and don’t see, what we make of it.


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