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A "whiteout" is a weather phenomenon, when snowfall is so heavy that heaven and earth seem as one. During a whiteout you lose orientation and the sense of time and space can disappear. It is said that people can get lost in their own front yard during a whiteout.


WhiteOut is an installation using voices, light, space and music. It deploys a scenario based on documentary stories and footage from East Greenland and is placed in an imagined future in the year 2025.  


In the scenario, a blizzard is raging and the audience has sought refuge in a Greenlandic longhouse. As they sit there, the story unfolds and two days of being trapped by the storm are condensed into one hour of intense experience in the intimacy of the house. The walls have voices and people from the past come to life.


Caught deep in the wilderness of East Greenland, we teeter between reality and fiction, between dream and awakening, while we wait for enlightenment.


This was a collaboration with stage designer Lisbeth Burian, radio documentarist Rikke Houd and composer Mark Solborg.

The installation and performance was situated in Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, November 2016.


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