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Boathouse 8



Exhibition: X(sites) Kattegattleden, Konstnärscentrum Väst. A site-specific installation in the fishing village Glommen, west coast of Sweden -  June – October 2018


Boathouse 8 explores the in-between point of an in-between place. The work reflects a meeting of change and continuity in the fishing village of Glommen. 
Where there were 17 working fishing boats about 30 years ago, now there are three. Glommen’s identity has evolved and become less certain and fixed. It has a present with a history and another, equally real, with almost no history. It lives in between two identities. Lending itself to this artwork, Boathouse 8 has transformed into a reflection of its surroundings and the change around it. At the same time as it draws the viewer’s attention to change, it interrupts the smooth flow of life and work in its immediate area. 


The boats’ names on the mirror surface record the many that were working out of Glommen and the few that are now. The place names are fishing locations out at sea. All these names were at the core of a way of life. Many members of the fishing community helped with the boats’ names and contributed to how the Boathouse 8 project developed, shaping an invitation to look into the core of the village’s identity. It became their project and told their story.


Site-specific installation: fishing hut, acrylic mirrors, sand and text



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