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Mixed media installation; balloon, light.

A 4.5 meter wide white balloon is placed on the floor just inside the entrance. It slowly grows to its full size, blocking the entrance and filling out the space from floor to ceiling. The soft warm light inside makes it glow in the dark so it looks like a floating cloud that got caught in the wrong place. The balloon takes one hour to inflate and seven hours to deflate.


Oops! was an installation for the exhibition Fader H(v)or in Vor Frue Kirke, the cathedral of Copenhagen. The title of the exhibition cannot be easily translated; it plays on the closeness in Danish of “our” and “where”, thus doubly meaning “Our Father” and “Father where”.


Viewer-participants enter the room by pushing past this thing as it wobbles into a new position. It is constantly in the way, affecting the space and people’s movements. In an effective and yet quite friendly way it is pushing people around in the church. 


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