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996 Pieces 




996 Pieces explores the possibilities of a material that is all around us and taken for granted. The glass I use is recycled windows, thrown aside and found in different sites and locations, including, in this work, an abandoned house on the cliff top at Stockevik on the west coast of Sweden


Impurities in the glass make the results of re-using it unpredictable, reflecting its complex mix and its history.  


I have recycled the glass into squares – 996 pieces. Once the glass pieces have been made, their appearance is different depending on exactly what kind of glass it is. Each piece of glass carries some history within it. Sometimes the history is know sometimes not. Where has that window been. 996 Pieces is a kind of archive but also a journey into a materials that is crucial for our civilisation


996 Pieces is an installation deferred from 2020 due to the pandemic. New date for exhibit in 2024 TBC. Site specific mixed media installation – glass, light, sound.


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