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making of a hole



A face is appearing. It looks strange at first and then you realize that you are looking up at it through water. Around the face there is something that is being lit up from behind; it is darker in the background of the image and lighter the closer it gets to the face. It is ice. The face is looking down into the water through a hole in the ice and we are looking up at it. There is a strange feeling of being placed deep under the Arctic ice and looking up into the world. The face is half visible because of the sunlight coming from behind. Who is looking at whom? 


The ice is in Greenland. A camera is in the water under the ice and filming the face from below.


It is a beautiful but weird image that captures a small part of a complex reality. With climate change, the ice is change. With that, life in Greenland is changing. And at the same time, Greenland and the Arctic are becoming globally important in unforeseen ways.


Making of a Hole is a multi-dimensional work in progress involving the film of the hole, a film about the filming, and the gallery display of the cylinder of ice whose removal made the hole.



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